A Little Rock-based interest group for Homestuck fans from Arkansas. If you found us via one of our posters, and have no idea what Homestuck is, enjoy reading it at http://mspaintadventures.com :)
Central Arkansas Homestucks
the4chordtrolls-deactivated2013: D9 y9u guys have any ideas 9f when the next meetup f9r h9mestuck is?

Probably not any, anytime soon. Breezy and Psyche are moving to Denver and I’ll be in Governer’s School all summer so really there’s not anyone available to plan anything? Unless anyone in the group would like to host one! By all means, do that. It will be fun even if us admins (except maybe Bee) can’t attend.

carrotrain: Hey, how have you guys been?? :)

hey! it’s been a minute hasn’t it?
we’ve been alright. About as all right as possible during AP Exam week, that is :/

How goes it with you? :)


hello and welcome! I recommend you join our facebook as well, if you havent already. people tend to talk more over there than on tumblr since its easier : )

and i guess… anyone who’s interested can like this ask or whatever? so you can follow eachother? communing over tumblr is awkward haha .

Anonymous: hi, i just found your page and i'm interested, but could you tell me a little about the group first? seeing as i don't know anyone i'm a bit apprehensive.

hey! Nice to sort-of meet you, anon.
Well, as of late we haven’t been very active on the meet-up front, but in the past (and hopefully more in the future) we’ve done little get togethers at parks and pizza joints and things. If you look a bit back on the blog you can find some pictures of us hangin out, and some of the silly little doodles we do at our meets :)

We’ve got a facebook page and a running skype group that you should definitely check out (although, like I said we’ve been in a bit of a lull recently). Check out Central Arkansas Homestucks on facebook and add me (PoofSouffle) on skype and I’ll put you in the group!

Your friendly neighborhood palhonchos include: me (HeirOfWhimsy), and the slightly less active mods PiraticalPsyche and Paingineering. Shoot us a message and say hey!

It’s kinda hard to see who the other followers are on the blog so… I guess our members can like this post or something? So you can see who they are and maybe check out their blogs and make some new buds!

Um, I think that’s all! I’m glad you found our group, and if you’re feeling nervous as to putting yourself out there, I’m always open to chat! That way you WILL know someone in the group :)


Due to bad weather on Sunday, we are changing the party to be at the US Pizza on McCain, where we had the 4/13 meet (4001 Mccain Park Dr, North Little Rock). We have the room at five, reserved under Brianna Haley.

Because we are going to be at a pizza place we won’t be able to do full out costumes anymore :C Closet cosplays are fine, but not anything TOO weird, right?

Bring a little money with you to get pizza! You can find a menu on the US Pizza website. We’ll have a cake and if you want you can still bring a dessert or something.

I think that’s everything? As usual, just ask if you have any questions.

Meetup Sunday! Don’t Forget!


Check the facebook page for event info! If you aren’t on facebook shoot me a message and I’ll send you the deets!

It is at 2PM at our house in Little Rock!

We will be providing delish snack treats!

Bring a food item if you can!

Games and fun!

Can town! 

The latest forecast is predicting pretty awful weather for Sunday. We had set this up to be an outdoor event, and without that possibility I think it’s safe to say that 11/11 day at our house is CANCELLED.
So we can do one of two things. We can postpone the event indefinitely (next weekend is looking like gross weather too bluh) or we can try to relocate!
I was thinking of trying to reserve that room at US Pizza again, since that was pretty successful last time! Hopefully no one’s snagged it before us and we’ll be able to have it for longer than two hours haha. If that is a thing y’all want me to do let me know and I’ll make some calls!
If anyone else has any ideas for an indoor venue, let me know! :O

Meetup Sunday! Don’t Forget!

Check the facebook page for event info! If you aren’t on facebook shoot me a message and I’ll send you the deets!

It is at 2PM at our house in Little Rock!

We will be providing delish snack treats!

Bring a food item if you can!

Games and fun!

Can town! 

Alright y’all, in case you didnt see on the facebook, we’ve made an official event page for the 11/11 fall party!

Make sure to check it out and RSVP, it’ll be grand :)

fundraiser commissions!


So you know how I said I was gonna stop doing discount commissions? I lied. I’m doing a little bit of fundraising for a CA-Homestucks event that is fast approaching, so if you want to buy some art to help out with that that’d be tops. 

Five slots, $20 ($25 for NSFW).  Probably this kind of style/level of detail. Homestuck characters only, since this is for a homestuck-related event haha.






get ‘em while they’re hot! andromedafury at yahoo for requests. :)

Alright seeing’s how not a single person has gotten in touch with me about tonight’s event, I’m guessing that no one is able to make it so I am officially CANCELLING the 21+ meetup.

Boo at the zoo is still on!

If u want to hang out get in touch I’ll probably be hitting up the peabody boo bash tonight! message me for my digits or send me a text if you already got ‘em :)